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The historic restaurant of Faliraki “Paradise”

In Faliraki there is another family business that has been operating since 1965. The location is in the center of the bay of Faliraki and its 50 metres distance from the sea, make it the ideal location of the island.

 Mr. Sotiris Vagianos, who was a fisherman by profession and his wife Diamantoula were the founders of a restaurant with the distinctive name “Paradise”. The menu at that time was limited but unique… .the guests were offered fresh fish, fished from our sea and fresh vegetables from their garden.

It is worth noting that it is the second restaurant that was created and operated in the area.

The contribution of the historic restaurant to the development of tourism in the area was significant. Visitors mainly from northern Europe built friendly relations with the family of the owners and year after year and word of mouth it became known throughout Europe that on the island of Rhodes there is an area called Faliraki and there you will find in the middle of the bay the restaurant of Mr. Sotiris. So every year new visitors arrive at the restaurant looking for the tavern of Mr. Sotiris. Thus fatally in the 70’s the restaurant was renamed to “Taverna Sotiris”. Faithful to its principles all the years it kept high the level of gastronomy with Greek cuisine, fresh seafood and the highest level in raw materials.

In the mid 80’s Mr. Sotiris lovingly transferred his restaurant and know-how, but also the beginning of Greek hospitality to his children.

His son Michalis and his wife Mrs. Anna proudly continued the same recipe. Thousands of visitors from all over Europe have built a friendly relationship of trust and love with them for many years. Greek Nights with Michalis and Anna singing for them while at the same time offering them the fullness of Greek Cuisine until the 2010s, when the Sotiris tavern became the Galazio Restaurant & Beach Bar.

Mr. Michalis and Mrs. Anna with the same love handed over the reins to their son Sotiris Vagianos.In the new era of the business history repeats itself, Sotiris Vagianos the youngest, built on the principles of his grandfather and parents and managed to maintain and increase the reputation of the restaurant. The permanent residents of Rhodes love Galazio and choose it every summer for the main reason that it is not a tourist restaurant but a business with reliability and a high level. So the visitors of the island who now choose a business that the locals prefer live the Greek summer in an authentic way with the Greeks.

The new name is inspired by the endless light Blue of the Sea that the visitor sees coming here. A restaurant now combines Greek cuisine with high gastronomy, simplicity with luxury and carefree relaxation.

Another key feature is that we are talking about a Family friendly restaurant. The playground of the restaurant generously gives a smile to the children but also the confidence that parents need to enjoy their stay here, covering the needs of their children.

At 30 meters from the restaurant the family created luxury accommodation at affordable prices with the distinctive title Galazio Beach and Faliraki blue Villas in which the Greek hospitality that is still the beginning of the family takes place.

If your parents or grandparents have been on holiday in Rhodes in the past, ask them about the unforgettable moments they spent with us. Galazio Restaurant & Beach Bar the color of summer in Rhodes.

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